MMES Custom Panels Products
Mobile Marine Electrical Services has working displays of Nexus instruments, Heart Interface Inverters and Link monitors, Cantalupi and Cabin lighting, Statpower battery chargers, Balmar Alternators, AC and DC electrical panels, engine and instrument panels, and more.

Visit our showroom to view our working displays of lighting, custom AC/DC panels, inverter/chargers, electrical systems monitors, and performance sailing instruments. These are hands-on displays that allow you to see what the equipment looks like as it would be installed on your vessel, and how it actually functions.

Marine Lighting
Barnegat Bay Light   
Cabin Denmark  
Cantalupi Lights   
TaylorBrite CCF Lighting   
AC/DC Marine Power Systems Inverter/Charger Remote Control  
Analytic Systems Chargers, Inverters & Power Supplies  
Heart Interface - High Efficiency Marine Power Systems  
Blue Sea Systems Marine Electrical Products  
Nautical Instrumentation    
Nexus Series - Professional Instrumentation  
ComNav Marine Instrumentation and Autopilots  
Marine Generators